Product Release Update 7/2/2021

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Account Admin can now rearrange the order of resources within categories through drag and drop and order will update for all users in web and mobile apps

2) FEATURE UPDATE –  Group Admin, Group Code Manager and Limited Group Code Manager can now change the order of modules within any course for which they have editing privileges and the order will update for all users

3) BUG FIX – Resources from other accounts are no longer accessible by changing the resourceId in the resource url

4) BUG FIX –  A different number of campaigns is no longer sometimes showing between List view and Category view of campaigns (edited) 

5) FEATURE UPDATE – Fields for custom domain email on RF Admin account Branding page have been flip flopped/updated so they make more sense

6) BUG FIX – Resources Web – Date picker calendar is now available while choosing ‘What date/time do you want to play this video’ when adding/editing a video resource (edited) 

7) FEATURE UPDATE – “Contact Phone” has been moved under “Email” in Campaign Content Placeholders widget so list is better organized by Contact and User placeholders

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