Product Release Update: Significant Date Now Available 9/17/2021

New Mobile Updates and Bug Fixes 

1) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – “Significant Date” can now be added for contact in mobile or web

2) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – TikTok and WhatsApp fields have been added when enabled for account

3) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – [customBookingLink] placeholder now works in Plain Text resource sent from mobile app

4) BUG FIX – Android/iOS – Contacts added in mobile app are no longer showing as “Added Via API” when contact details are viewed in web

5) FEATURE UPDATE – Android/iOS – Contest header text has been changed to dark gray(#272727) instead of secondary branding color

6) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – Notification alert now shows on the app icon on user’s device, when user has unread notifications

7) FEATURE UPDATE – iOS – UI for Labels has been improved and alphabetized

New Web Updates and Bug Fixes 1) NEW FEATURE –  “Significant Date” field has been added for contacts in web and mobile, where user can add birthday, anniversary or hire date

2) FEATURE UPDATE – User campaign stats have been added for Account Admin/Manager

3) FEATURE UPDATE –  Digital Business Card – A pop up has been added with additional information when saving .vcf file with user’s contact details

4) FEATURE UPDATE –  Digital Business Card – SAVE and CANCEL button colors have been updated to match the rest of the application when managing default business card

5) FEATURE UPDATE – (Mobile) Digital Business Card – When Company Telephone is deleted by user, it no longer captures Phone Number from user’s profile under Settings (edited) 

6) FEATURE UPDATE – Plain text type resource sharing via FB and LinkedIn has been temporarily disabled due to some challenges with configuring our application with theirs.

7) FEATURE UPDATE – “Powered by RapidFunnel” snippet had been added to existing and new Event pages from PUBLIC Event calendars

8) FEATURE UPDATE – Loader has been added to Resources page

9) BUG FIX – Image uploaded modal for Event description no longer closes automatically once the image is selected for upload

10) FEATURE UPDATE – “Resource Type” can no longer be changed after resource is created. We will soon change so this only applies to Video and Page resources

11) BUG FIX – Opt-in percentage is no longer sometimes showing incorrect percentage in mobile app

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